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10 Ice Skating Lakes you should skate on

Skating out in the clean and crisp winter air surrounded by trees or mountains is a unique feeling. It feels so uplifting and free to be here – skating across a frozen lake, You feel like a kid again, skating in the open air with rosy cheeks and a huge grin. Gliding by snowbanks piled high along the shore, everything glitters in the sunlight.

In the next Winter Act quick, because come spring, these winter wonders will simply melt away.

There are several ice skating rinks open during the winter in World. All skating rinks are free unless otherwise noted. While skating is generally available from mid-December to March, this activity is weather dependant so check with the Visitor Centre before you go.

And here we show to you the 10 Ice Skating Lakes that you should skate on


1- Lake Louise In Banff, Canada

Image Source: Lake Louise In Banff, Canada

Lake Louise is world-famous for its turquoise color of the water comes from rock flour carried into the lake by melt-water from the glaciers that overlook the lake., the Victoria Glacier, soaring mountain backdrop, palatial hotel, and incredible skating rink space. Surrounded by a lifetime’s worth of jaw-dropping sights and adventures, Lake Louise is a rare place that must be experienced to be believed.

Image Source: Lake Louise In Banff, Canada

Lake Louise Constantly ranked among the world’s best skating rinks and is the quintessential Canadian spot for the best skating. Complete with an ice castle, ice bar for the adults, and ice rinks that are groomed and made smooth daily, Lake Louise is also a prime location for a game of hockey.


2- Lake Minnewanka in Banff, Canada

Image Source: Lake Minnewanka

The most popular lake in Banff for skating during the wintertime is the last one to freeze due to its depth, usually late-December. Lake Minnewanka is up to 140m deep (there’s an entire town down there!) so be sure to check the ice thickness first, so it’s not for the faint of heart.


3-  Lake Baikal, Irkutskaya Oblast’, Russia

Image Source: Baikal, Irkutskaya Oblast’, Russia

Skating Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest and oldest lake, as the lake freezes over in winter, it’s popular with skaters, particularly from the end of February until mid-March. you’ll live an amazing experience and will feel like flying.

Image Source: Baikal, Irkutskaya Oblast’, Russia


4- Lake Runn, Sweden

Image Source: Lake Runn, Sweden

If you are going to Sweden then you must go to Lake Runn, which joins the towns of Falun and Borlänge, offers some of Sweden’s finest Nordic skating experiences, with more than 60 kilometers of open ice.


5- Lake Morey — Vermont, United States

Image Source: Lake Morey — Vermont, United States

Skating the entire length of Lake Morey’s frozen perimeter is a full-on, 4.5-mile expedition. and Lake Morey Resort maintains the trails and also offers Nordic skates for rent, as well as lessons for beginners. so Strap on a pair of Nordic skates and take on the longest Nordic skating trail in the United States.


6- Lac de Joux — Jura Mountains, Switzerland

Image Source: Lac de Joux — Jura Mountains, Switzerland

The huge Lac de Joux in the Jura valley of the same name is a draw for outdoor enthusiasts at any time of year. In winter its relatively high altitude (1,004m) means the lake often freezes over, the lake becomes the biggest free ice-skating rink in Europe. Skates can be hired at the lake while it is also easy to walk on the ice with regular shoes. On weekends, food and warming drinks are sold on the ice.


7- Lake Vanern, Sweden

Image Source: Lake Vanern, Sweden

Lake Vanern is, is the largest lake in Sweden, the largest lake in the European Union and the third-largest lake entirely in Europe after Ladoga and Onega in Russia, and Vanern considered of the finest skating spots. it’s not a manicured skating experience—but with dramatic sunsets and wide-open ice stretching to the distance, it’s sure to be a stunning one.


8- Shichahai Lake – Beijing, China

Image Source: Shichahai Lake – Beijing, China

One of the most famous spots in the Shichahai Skating Rink, which is composed of three parts—Qianhai (Front Lake), Houhai (Back Lake), and Xihai (West Lake). And there is a 5.5 meter-tall ice slid, which attracts lots of visitors, especially kids. The atmosphere is even warmer. Overseas travelers are also seen at the site. It is a place worth going to Beijing this winter.


9- Lake Weissensee, Austria

Image Source: Lake Weissensee, Austria

Lake Weissensee in Carinthia is home to a one-of-a-kind experience on the ice. The 6.5 km², the Weissensee is Europe’s largest natural ice surface. Lake Weissensee even has its own ice master in winter. it also guarantees many sunny days. The 25 km long course leading around the lake is well-maintained, ensuring you have a fun and safe ice skating experience in Carinthia.


10- Mirror Lake – California, USA

Image Source: Mirror Lake – California, USA

Mirror Lake is a small, seasonal lake located on Tenaya Creek in Yosemite National Park. But in the middle of the village, is action-packed, dogsleds cruise the snow-covered ice, cross-country skiers and snowshoers explore the lake, and recreational skaters take advantage of the free plowed track that circumnavigates the entire lake.




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