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How Ice Skaters beeing Pro Stars

Ice Skating became one of the most popular Olympics events. Every four years, athletes gather to compete in these Winter Games. In 1956, Tenley Albright became the first American woman to win the Olympic gold medal. Peggy Fleming, who was born in California, won the gold medal in 1968. Peggy won because of her smooth and elegant style.

In 1976, Dorothy Hamill skated with beauty and power and captured Olympic gold. She was especially good at spins. One spin was named Dorothy. It is called the Hamill Camel. After the Olympics, she became a famous ice skating star.


Men are also wonderful and talented skaters in isu figure skating. Few skaters have become competent in their careers as long and fruitful in isu figure skating as Kristi Yamaguchi. She started as a champion pairs skater but switched to singles. At the Winter Olympics in France, in 1992, she captured fans hearts and the gold medal!

Not all ice skating stars come from the United States. In 1984 and 1988, a woman from East Germany became the first since Sonja Henie to win two gold medals in a row in isu figure skating. Katarina Witt thrilled fans with her powerful skating style. After her Olympic Katarina With success, she danced and skated in movies and became a model. She also worked as a skating announcer on television.

Ice skating stars do not have to him big or powerful. Smaller athletes can do very well. One example is Oksana Baiul. Though not even five feet (1.65 m) tall, she was a giant of figure skating. In 1994, she leapt, twirled, and spun to Olympic gold. Oksana cried when she saw her winning score.
Like many skaters in recent years, Oksana was a success while young. She was only 16 years old when she became an Olympic figure skating champion.
Irina shows that skaters must be very flexible. Skaters need to train very strong for many years. By isu figure skating, Skaters usually take a long time to perform ice skating to the top. Some of them never do.

Source: Mitchell Layton / GETTY

The Russian skater Irina Slutskaya thought her time would not come. She had won four European Figure Skating Championships. She won a silver medal at the ice figure skating Olympics. After many years of hard work paid off. She won the World Championship! Two on the ice Men and women team up to skate in pairs. They skate together to music and perform individual routines.

Tara Lipinski
American skaters continue to be among the world’s best. One skater captured the hearts of millions of fans with her athletic moves. Tara Lipinski was only 14 years old when she was the surprise winner of the 1997 World Championship while landing seven “triples.” In a triple axel, a skater leaps in the air and spins three and one-half times before landing cleanly.

Heading into the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan, few experts thought Tara could win. She was only 15 years old and would have to beat many experienced skaters. But Tara did it! She became the youngest Winter Olympic gold medalist ever! In 2002, Tara Lipinski took part in the Olympic torch relay. The flame on the torch helped start the Winter Games in Utah. After her Olympic win, Tara went on to win the 1999 World Championship. Tara was a happy gold medal winner.

Michelle Kwan mixes grace and power better than most skaters.
In 1994, a 13-year-old Californian named Michelle Kwan finished eighth in the World Figure Skating
Championships. Amazingly, nearly a decade later, she had become an all-time star.
Michelle has had one of the greatest careers of any skating star. She has been the U.S. champion seven times, and she has won five world championships. She has not won a gold medal in the Olympics, however. In 1998, she won a silver medal, and in 2002, she won a bronze (third place). But her bright smile and great talent have made her a favourite of millions of fans.


Michelle Kwan

Michelle really gets into her music!
While younger skaters have tried to challenge her, Michelle has stayed on top. She is a powerful skater. She can leap and spin very well and is excellent at landing cleanly. Michelle is also a great dancer. During her routines, she often has fans clapping along with the bouncy music.

Every four years, skating fans look forward to the Winter Olympics. The skating events are always among the most popular—millions of people around the world watch on TV. Tickets to the events are always hard to get.

At these events, with everyone watching closely, a skater can suddenly become a superstar.
That happened to a young American skater in 2002. Sarah Hughes overcame more experienced skaters to win!


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