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Answers to 5 Interesting Ice Skating Questions

The following questions are set up by a student who researched about figure ice skating. The answers to those questions have written below.

1. When you Skate, what can Rust do to your Blades?


Usually, rusted blades cannot hold an edge and may prevent blades from gliding smoothly across the ice. As a reason, the Rust can end a figure skater’s blades. 

To stop Blades rust, you can dry your blades. But wait, do not dry your blades only, you need to dry the whole blade and boot, including the soles. Do not let your blades inside of guards, because they will cause to rust ice skating blades. Sometimes water stays on the blades; instead, store your blades in a dry place. Also, Sharpening skates can protect skates from rust.

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