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Ice skating a sport for all Ages and Tastes!

Ice skating is an ageless sport, and anyone can do it: as soon as a small child can walk and move, he can also try this on the ice. As an adult too, you can take it up and practice it for as long as your legs will let you. Ice skating provides movements for all sporting types: if you like to move elegantly and would like to perform small tricks, figure skating is definitely for you. If you have a sense of rhythm and desire to run in time to lively music, you need to learn some dance moves, and later perhaps try single dances with a partner:

ice skating dance is your pleasure. Speed skating is sturdy and athletic, more performed in its new version named short track. The energetic sport of ice hockey is more strict and descend. Also, you can practise all those movements during the summer on inline skates!
Well, You’re Never too Old to Ice skate!

Similarly, with all other sporting methods to reach a high-performance level, it is good to start as young. Nor If you just want to skate for fun, with no great objectives, you can still learn this sport to a satisfying level, even as an adult. Sporting practice, especially sports that require posture and balance (gymnastics, inline skating,…) is a particularly useful pre-requisite, but not mandatory.
The elderly with no sporting practices must take lessons from an experienced ice skating teacher as well as watching videos and reading articles about ice skating. They need the necessary essential experience of moves so that an old one can’t really learn without specialist instruction.

Photo by Maks Styazhkin on Unsplash

Ice skating is an excellent lifetime sport especially for the elderly, the gentle, gliding movement – in fact, ice skating should be named “ice gliding”! – protects the joints. Because the whole body is being practised, an important function is exerted on the movement, the respiratory organs as well as the heart and circulatory system.

Nonetheless, you do not need to be especially fit, since you can control the energy, speed, strength and movement requirements personally, and even improve them with constant practice. The common important coordinative skills are a sense of balance and rhythm, and ice skating will keep you improving or at least control your level in both.

Ice skating keeps you young! As HOLLMANN said, “sport activity is the only scientifically proven way of keeping your body younger than the age on your birth certificate.” In ice skating, this aspect can only be reinforced by its positive impact or, your mental health.
Consequently, ice skating creates high demands on the sense of balance, many adults are scared -afraid of falling and making a fool of themselves in ice ranks. These fears have a paralysing impact. You tense up and your learning capability is reduced, the development of a feeling to be good on the ice and the correct movements are blocked.

Our advice to you is to relax and skate with confidence! Be proud of yourself yet wanting to learn something new in your old age. Even as an adult it’s easy to show weaknesses because nobody’s perfect!

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