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Ice skating Clothing – What Should I Wear?

Amateur skating does not seem to have been recognized by the sports industry yet. There is however no unique ice skating “uniform” nor fashion design. As an ice skater, you can dress as you wish. Wear comfortable skating clothing that allows you freedom of movement and protects you from the wind and the cold of the ice. The ordinary suitable outfit is a tracksuit or traditional long trousers, pullover and a wind-resistant jacket to warm you up.

Basically, Do not choose pants with legs that are too large, catch the tip of your ice skates in them! It is more suitable to wear several thin layers rather than just one thick pullover. This allows you to exclude segments progressively as you start to get warmer. If it is really freezy, you can wear a ski suit or similar, with proper, warm underwear.

Photo by Joseph Costa on Unsplash

If you put one pair of socks on top of another, they will cause painful blisters. Knee-high socks are appropriate for amateur skaters since they keep the lower legs warm. You should regularly wear gloves as protection against the cold wind as well as against injuries.

In temperatures below zero, you should also protect your head with a headband or a cap. Amateurs and children should always wear at least a hat in case they fall or hurt themselves. Strong still is a helmet as in-line skating, ice hockey, or even a bicycle helmet. Knee and elbow or even hips protectors from volleyball or in-line skating can also be helpful.


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