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Ice Skating Rules on Public Rinks

On each rink, there are skating rules that regulate behaviour on the ice and which serve to preserve the safety of all ice skaters. Basically, everyone should act on the ice so that they do not risk themselves or other people. You always meant to go on the ice with ice skates. Regular shoes make the ice sticky, adding barriers to skateboarding and risking accidental injuries. Dirt will affect the blades as well. Dropping litter and delicious paper on the ice has the same impact as dirt: it can trip and fall over!

At the rink both skaters must go in the same direction, on some sides, the course alternates so often. No one should sit on the side of the ice because of the risk to other skaters (skate blades sticking out). Smoking banned on the surface. Activities with markers, speed skating, or chain riding banned at public sessions. Apparatus that could endanger certain skaters, ice hockey sticks, etc., must not be taken to the rink.

Source: Photo by Snapwire from Pexels

Although we suggest exercise and games that require a various small object of equipment, the actual guidance always depends on which material you use, how busy the rink is, and exactly how the rink coach enforces the rules in this setting. If you use the apparatus so that you do not disturb or endanger other skaters, the rink coach will be more likely to turn a screen eye.

Skating in the open landside on ponds or lakes is a unique experience, You can feel the sun and the crystal sharp cold air on your skin, and you can have an enjoyable time with all your friends: walking, cycling, ice skating, playing ice hockey, and you can bring as many materials into the ice as you need!

Source: Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels
Though, be sure that ice skating is not forbidden on the ice by the local authority or the landowner. It usually is not sufficient to skate on by many people until after a long period of cold, when it contains about 8cm deep. You can feel weakening ice by its darkish colour, the truth that you can begin to see water under the surface, and that its appearance changes when you step on it. If there are gaps in the ice or clear cracking sounds, you should under no circumstances attempt any further on the ice!

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