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Ice skating Still a Modern Sport

Ice-skating is possibly experiencing a renaissance at the moment, as sports based on keeping your balance are popular at this time. Children and young people have improved a good sense of balance due to the summer sport of in-line skating. therefore, They gain confidence more quickly on skates and are soon able to enjoy many successful experiences. The feeling of speed and almost weightless sense of gliding are additional attractions. They are certain influences and experiences that anyone would naturally want to repeat regularly.

Ice skating is one of several sports that can be played out in the open air in winter camps. In flat areas, it is a particularly most alternative to skiing. It is more affordable, it can be performed at home, there are no long journeys and hours jams to cope with and it can also be taken spontaneously without much preparation. During large periods of frost, frozen times, lakes or canals can also be skated on smoothly but carefully. The latter is particularly suited for speed skating and long “ice hikes”.

Photo by kaleb tapp on Unsplash

As discussed earlier, GOETHE was also an ambitious ice-skater. He appreciated the sport overall for the “free, pleasant feeling of liberation from the ties of gravity!” ; However, We can still have this feeling today: while skating on rink we feel a sense of freedom and brightness, we float like eagles by lively music over the ice. A ten-year-old sum it up in these words, “Ice skating is like flying! You feel the wind on your body, it blows your hair in your face smoothly – it’s cool!”

Ice skating needs a well-developed sense of balance, but unlike gymnastics for example, yet in the most challenging exercises, you always manage the upright position: feet down, head up. a healthy balance is important in any sport, for all team games (football, Soccer…), also for racket sports (tennis, table tennis…), and snowboarding, skiing,… your progress on the ice will also have a positive effect on your performance in other sports!

interestingly, ice skating found its summer equivalent in in-line skating. The equipment and as a result the movements are very comparable. You can carry out many techniques described on in-line skates, even the skating dance steps or the two-footed spin!
in conclusion, We can say that ice skating has become a popular game and all-year-round sport!

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