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Skates – Can I Still Use My Sister’s Skates?

Each foot has a unique shape. A skate that is worn continuously by different feet will never fit properly. It is also challenging to get the same pair twice in a row!

Hired skates occasionally, as they are rented out several times a day without control, the blades quickly become blunt and have reduced contact with the ice. Additionally, skates lent by a friend or relatives should be in good condition and fit correctly. If there is little progress in your skating skill, this could be due to a lack of interest in ice skating not to your lack of talent, but rather to defective material. Therefore, as soon as you decided to skate frequently, you should get your equipment. 

Includes a combination of boot and blade, not choose the cheapest one! Those tend to made of soft metal, which can wear out fast and must. Therefore, be continuously sharpened, and shoes made of soft leather that gives little comfort to the feet. This purchase to still for every moment and lifetime! At least for the elderly, whose feet have stopped growing. Some in-line skates can be used on the ice: in some high models, you can replace the rollers with ice skating blades. 

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplashplash

The kind of skate you start with depends on your interest or your future ambition. Speed-skating shoes are not appropriate. Traditional figure-skating boots are available in white for women and black for men. In contrast to ice hockey skates, they have a heel, the boots come higher up the leg, and the blades are less curved. At the front tip, some toe-picks are mainly used for take-off and landing when jumping.

For the beginner, these can be an impediment: they are easily tripped over and lead to an incorrect push-off from the toe-pick. Ice hockey skates are more valued than figure skating skates: for the same price, you can get a reasonable ice hockey all-in-one. When you buy, you should be careful that the boot fits the heel and ankle comfortably. The heel must fit well into the boot, and there should only be a little room around the toes. Purchase your skates half a size to a size smaller than your usual! Street shoes. If the boot is too big, then you cannot give the movement of your feet onto the ice. You will “float” in your boots, have no support, and your ankles sprain when skating, and consequently, you feel unsafe. With a further boot made of soft leather, you can see if it is too broad: it twists at the ankle.

Modern plastic ice skating boots give optimum lateral help to the ankle. Moreover, the material means that the fit is not much better in leather ice skating boots. For newcomers and inexperienced skaters, however, they can be recommended. They are especially suitable for kids, as the simply manageable clips give a solution to the problem of putting the boots on and doing them up. The second component of the skate, the blade, runs down the centre of the bottom of the boot. Still, it is not always the case that this has been set in the middle between the seams. You must, test whether you can stand up the all-in-one with the laces done up without it falling over when you get your ice skating boots

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