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Strangest Banned Elements in Figure Skating

Figure skating is a sport in which ice skaters, singly or in pairs, perform on figure skates on ice, and perform freestyle movements of spins, lifts, jumps, and footwork in a graceful manner, Its name derives from the patterns (or figures) skaters make on the ice, an element that was a major part of the sport until recently.

But in some of the periods, we will find that there is a group of elements that have been banned from the game in a way that may be strange, and here we review some of these elements.


l- Illegal/ Elements Movements are:

– Somersault type jumps

The First and ONLY person to do a backflip legally in the competition was Terry Kubicka (USA) in 1976 Olympics & Worlds

It was officially banned after the 1976 World Championships.

At the 1998 Olympics, Surya Bonaly famously performed her backflips, landing on one foot, despite it being banned

In today’s scoring system, performing a somersault jump would incur a 2-point deduction.

Surya also performed the one-foot backflip in combination with a triple Salchow!

Although they are no longer seen in competition, backflips are a staple of show skating

ll – Lifts With Wrong Holds (Pairs)

IIlegal/ Elements Movements are:

– Somersault type jumps
– lifts with wrong holds

Seen only in the show or acrobatic skating, the “Headbanger” is a very dangerous and impressive lift

However, pairs skating only allows holds that are hand-to-hand & arm & body & upper part of the leg in lifts, so no one will be performing this in competition.

Positions such as this are also an incorrect ( and illegal) type of lift

Lifts with no hand support are similarly banned from competition

Standing on your partner’s shoulder (or sitting on their head) is not allowed

Though¬† couldn’t find any official rule explicitly banning it “Detroiter” lifts are another well-known “banned” type of lift

Detroiter lifts are especially dangerous because the man holds the woman only by her legs, and with one hand.

lll- Lying down one the ice

illegal Elements/Movements

– Lying on the ice

Some of the most iconic programs end with the skater(s) dramatically/ falling to the ground

The ISU put a stop to this trend. which was huge in the ’80s, by banning lying down on the ice.

The reasoning being that if you’re lying down, you aren’t skating

Now, lying down (on purpose) is only seen in show skating, as it would incur a dedication in competition

IV- Using Props

Accessories and props are not permitted.

Clothing that does not adhere to these guidelines will be penalized by a deduction (see Rule 353, paragraph 1.n)

Props are often entertaining in show skating. but would dangerous in competition

When used well, they can really add to a performance.

V- Any Part of the costume detaching

Part of the costume/decoration falls on the ice

Again. this poses a safety risk. so if anything falls to the ice, even accidentally, there is a deduction.

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