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The American Skating King

Known as the American Skating King, Jackson Haines revolutionized figure skating in the nineteenth century. Jackson Haines was born in Troy, New York, in 1840, a period when style and dance-like grace were virtually undiscovered on the skating rink. Jackson changed all that, studying dance and then bringing dance routines accompanied by music into figure skating. He also changed the design of skates and invented the toe pick.

Source: Jackson Haines – unknown

The winner of the U.S. Men’s Championship, Jackson was the creator of a unique approach of competition that became recognized as the “European Style.” It wasn’t universally popular throughout his lifetime – he died in Germany in 1875 – but this gradually became an acceptable method to contemporary skating. That’s why Jackson Haines should honestly be considered the father of modern figure skating.

Source: Jackson Haines – unknown

It was applied directly to the boots of Haines. It offered greater precision and firmness for the skateboard and is still the basic model used for skateboarding today. In the 1870s, Jackson Haines introduced the first toe pick, which made it possible to create toe pick leaps. Another major breakthrough in skiing came early in the twentieth century, when John E. Strauss, from St. Paul, Minnesota, created the first closed toe pad constructed of a single piece of steel. Not only did this make the skates heavier, but also lighter.

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